Tzemach Tzaddik - Index of 40 chapters by Rabbi Yehuda Arye Leone da Modena


Tzemach Tzaddik in English

Translated by Ralph Anzarouth and an anonymous friend

What follows is the complete translation into English of the 40 chapters of the book "Tzemach Tzadik" (sometimes spelled "Tzemach Tzadiq"), written by Rabbi Yehuda Arye Leone da Modena. This book is a moral work inspired by a successful ethical booklet written in Italy during the Middle Age and called "Fior di Virtù".

Tzemach Tzaddiq in English by Rabbi Leone da Modena

Rabbi Leone da Modena: Tzemach Tzaddik
Chapter 1 Love in General
Chapter 2 Love of Hashem
Chapter 3 Love Father and Mother
Chapter 4 Love of Friends
Chapter 5 Natural Love
Chapter 6 Love of Women
Chapter 7 Jealousy
Chapter 8 Joy
Chapter 9 Sadness and Worry
Chapter 10 Peace
Chapter 11 Anger
Chapter 12 Kindness
Chapter 13 Cruelty
Chapter 14 Generosity
Chapter 15 Stinginess
Chapter 16 Rebuke
Chapter 17 Flattery
Chapter 18 Alacrity
Chapter 19 Stupidity
Chapter 20 Justice and Fairness
Chapter 21 Evil and Crime
Chapter 22 Loyalty
Chapter 23 Deceit
Chapter 24 Truth
Chapter 25 Falsehood
Chapter 26 Strength
Chapter 27 Cowardice
Chapter 28 Greatness
Chapter 29 Arrogance
Chapter 30 Perseverance
Chapter 31 Irresolution
Chapter 32 Temperance
Chapter 33 Intemperance
Chapter 34 Humility
Chapter 35 Pride
Chapter 36 Abstinence
Chapter 37 Gluttony
Chapter 38 Modesty
Chapter 39 Lust
Chapter 40 Moderation

The whole book Tzemach Tzadik in Hebrew (printed in Rashi characters) can be downloaded in PDF format and read online at